Now Foods, Solutions, Jojoba Oil, (USDA Organic) 4 oz 有機認証可可巴油

Now Foods, Solutions, Jojoba Oil, (USDA Organic) 4 oz 有機認証可可巴油

售價: HK$ 125.00



一個很好的個人護理產品, 可完善保充你的秀髮和皮膚的水分和活力。就是很簡單只要加入一些荷荷巴油便可!產品是來自西南霍霍巴灌木的種子。荷荷巴油,被認為是最美麗的油,因為它接近及相似人體本身的天然油。我們只選擇 100%認證的有機荷荷芭油,採用最少的冷處理技術,盡量保持最完整的最終產品。我們的荷荷巴油可以添加到洗髮水,保濕露和身體洗澡用品或直接塗上你的頭髮和皮膚。 產品能迅速滲透及能令你的頭髮和皮膚光滑如絲。

  • 100% pure
  • Certified Organic (USDA Organic)
  • Add to your favorite skin care product

Looking for a great way to enhance your favorite personal care products and improve the moisture and vibrancy of your hair and skin? It's as easy as adding a little Jojoba Oil! Produced from the seeds of the southwestern jojoba shrub, Jojoba Oil is considered the #1 beauty oil because of its close similarities to the body's own natural oils. We select only 100% certified organic jojoba for use in our premium quality oil and employ minimal cold processing techniques to protect the integrity of the final product. Smooth as silk and quickly penetrating, our Jojoba Oil can be added to shampoos, moisturizers and body washes or applied directly to your hair and skin.



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